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Soccer Fucking

2There are not many possibilities available to spend time in one of the small cities. For this reason, there are days when we are competing with friends, organizing video games, competing with friends outside of private porn activities like reading porn stories. I have experienced one of my most interesting sex experiences these days.

On that day we had a football game tournament involving 4 girls and 3 guys including myself. In a way I never expected, one of my girlfriends and I had all come together to finish and stay in the finals. So we both went to the TV in front of us towards the turn of the year and we started to fight at the finals. Meanwhile, our two boyfriends have gone to different rooms with the other two girls and have started to get new experiences that could be among the real sex stories. But the two girls playing soccer did not notice this. Ahmet, the third male to stay in our house, should be bored after a while. Because I started free porn to put down the casual shorts that I wore underwear and to put small boots on my thighs. When the special zone continued, I was blown away with the excitement of the game and with the impact of its tongue-lashes. But I could not leave the game either. The very exciting game was the same as my girlfriend who played with me. He did not realize what Ahmet did to me to have a blowjob.

Ahmet had to be bored with it so he decided to make the job go a little further. He scored a goal when I scored a perfect goal in a difficult position. Almost the same as he expected me to put the ball on the net. I could feel it very well thanks to the hard knocks that hit the size of the cock I had in the back while I was lying on the floor. After all, in the playground, I fucked my friend, but then Ahmet fucked me. If you tell me that you can not take the pace and fuck my friend by my side, you can understand that Ahmet is the most profitable person.


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